Concise Introduction to EPIROC’s COP MD20 Hydraulic Rock Drill

DING  He-jiang,ZHOU  Zhi-hong

(School of Mechanical Engineering,University of Science and Technology Beijing,Beijing 100083)
Abstract:The paper outlines EPIROC’s COP MD20 hydraulic rock drill and analyzes its advantages in usage. This hydraulic rock drill is compared with COP 1838 in terms of structural features. The paper also assesses the technical road of double- side oil return system and the prospect of COP 1838 product.

Overview of MD20 hydraulic rock driller
According to, on the Las Vegas 2016 Mining Show, USA (September 26-28), Atlas Copco showed its Boomer S2 underground rock drilling drill Jumbo which is more durable and intelligent and equipped with COP MD20 rock driller. The drilling speed of the drill Jumbo is higher than those of the similar products on the market by 10%. At the same time, the vibration damping technology of the rock driller has improved the cost efficiency and the service life of the drilling rod. COP MD20 was launched in 2015.
For simplicity, COP MD20 will be referred to as
MD20 hereinafter. MD stands for Mining Drift, which means that

the rock driller is mainly used for mine roadway tunneling with 20 for output impact power of 20kW. The drilling hole diameter of MD20 is 33 – 64mm, and the best hole diameter is 45mm, which is the most common hole diameter for flat roadway tunneling.
The Mining & Rock Excavation Division of Atlas Copco officially became Epiroc on June 18, 2017, which has inherited all products and business related to the rock drillers of Atlas Copco. At various engineering machinery exhibitions, the MD20 rock driller was displayed as a key exhibit, and its beautiful appearance attracted a lot of attention. See Fig. 1 for the appearance of MD20 rock driller.
The Boomer S2 underground rock drilling drill Jumbo made in Sweden with MD20 rock driller has been used by many clients such as Shandong Gold in China for more

Post time: Feb-24-2023