RDX5 Hydraulic Rock Drill From Sandvik


In September 2019, Sandvik introduced the new RDX5 drill, following the design of the HLX5 drill, superior in reliability, which is a replacement for the HLX5 drill. Using minimal parts and module joints, some parts were innovatively improved, compared with the HLX5 drill, the RDX5 drill improves the maintenance cycle time by 50% with the same technical and performance parameters, the RDX5 drilled at a rate of 4-5 m/min with a moderate rock drillability index. In addition, the corresponding automatic drilling control system can accurately match and control the important drilling parameters such as impact pressure, propulsion force and rotary torque, while ensuring high efficiency, avoid brazing tail, connecting sleeve heating and other problems, the RDX5 dril reduces running costs by up to 30%.
(The article information comes from China Academic Journal Electronic Publishing House).

Post time: Sep-29-2022