76350075 76350076 Spare Parts 0.3 SEAL KIT 7503645

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0.3 KG
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0.487 KG

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Here are some of our spare parts:


BG00550233  Spare Parts O-RING 7504119
BG00552139  Spare Parts 7.6 RD52 / RD525 SERVICE KIT 7506673
BG00552140  Spare Parts 0 RD525 PERCUSSION KIT 7506677
BG00552142  Spare Parts VOLTAGE REGULATOR MAINTENANCE KIT RD52/525 7506675
BG00554630  Spare Parts 0 BUSHING 7508318
BG00556176  Spare Parts 1.09 PULLEY 7505143
BG00556178  Spare Parts 2.33 TENSIONER 7503647
BG00560924  Spare Parts 0.6 SEAL KIT 7507510
BG00561547  Spare Parts 2.4 SEAL KIT 7510030 Power head
BG00565968  Spare Parts 1.09 REPAIR KIT 7509352 Hydraulic components
BG00567531  Spare Parts 234 CYLINDER 7503103
BG00567545  Spare Parts 0.8 SEAL KIT 7508319
BG00570267  Spare Parts 0.73 SEAL KIT 7502403 rock drill
BG00570268  Spare Parts 0.3 REPAIR KIT 7504363
BG00572750  Spare Parts 1.92 SEAL KIT FOR DIFFERENTIAL 7508410 Maintenance parts
BG00577236  Spare Parts DRIVE WHEEL 7507149
BG00579364  Spare Parts 12 RD52/RD525 ROTATION KIT 7506674
BG00579366  Spare Parts HOUSING MAINTENANCE KIT RD52 7506671
BG00579421  Spare Parts O-RING 7504117
BG00579929  Spare Parts 10.6 RD52 PERCUSSION KIT 7506676
BG00579931  Spare Parts HOUSING MAINTENANCE KIT RD52 7506670
BG00580167  Spare Parts 9.64 rotation KIT rock drill
BG00580622  Spare Parts 9.6 HL510 ROTATION KIT 7509424 rock drill
BG00581860  Spare Parts 12.6 HL71 ENDURANCE KIT 7507320
BG00581862  Spare Parts 13.6 HL710 PERCUSSION KIT 7509420 rock drill
BG00581863  Spare Parts 28.2 HL710 ROTATION KIT 7509419 rock drill
BG00585609  Spare Parts 2.04 CABIN INTAKE FILTER 7504778
BG00602884  Spare Parts 3.7 HYDRAULIC PUMP 7508167
BG00607425  Spare Parts 0.53  NOZZLE 7508320
BG00607441  Spare Parts 5.2 PUMP, FUEL Hydraulic components
BG00614757  Spare Parts REPAIR KIT 7507559
BG00616516  Spare Parts 0.008 O-RING 7504279
BG00616617  Spare Parts 0.007 O-RING 7504278
BG00616621  Spare Parts 0.008 O-RING 7504280
BG00617060  Spare Parts 4.4 MOTOR,HYDRAULIC 7510037 Hydraulic components
BG00617364  Spare Parts PRESSURE REDUCING VALVE 7508570 Hydraulic components
BG00630946  Spare Parts 1.55 OIL RETURN FILTER ELEMENT 7506936
BG00640221  Spare Parts 4 RD525 BOLT KIT 7506672
BG00642275  Spare Parts 0 SOFTSHIFTCONTROLLER 7508345
BG00644397  Spare Parts 2.5 VALVE ASSEMBLY 7506580
BG00646591  Spare Parts 4.8 HLX5 BOLT KIT 7509414 rock drill
BG00657182  Spare Parts 19 MAINTENANCE KIT TH32 25H 7507645
BG00660607  Spare Parts 1.93 MAINTENANCE PARTS 7508174
BG00662417  Spare Parts 5.705 HL DRIFTER BOLT KIT 7509418 rock drill
BG00663352  Spare Parts 5.22 HL510 BOLT KIT 7509431 rock drill
BG00664128  Spare Parts 205 CYLINDER 7503734
BG00664624  Spare Parts 0 PARIETAL PLATE 7507056
BG00668292  Spare Parts 0.13 OIL FILTER CARTRIDGE 7509241 Maintenance parts
BG00668298  Spare Parts 0.002 SEAL KIT 7509242 Maintenance parts
BG00672355  Spare Parts 0.77 DEEP GROOVE BALL BEARING 7501831 Other parts
BG00672477  Spare Parts 0.38 DEEP GROOVE BALL BEARING 7501832 Other parts
BG00672478  Spare Parts 0.39 DEEP GROOVE BALL BEARING 7501979 Other parts
BG00679654  Spare Parts 170 REPAIR KIT (CELL) 7504241
BG00689664  Spare Parts 7.35 HL710 FLUSHING KIT 7509416 rock drill
BG00706717  Spare Parts 5.3 CABLE 7508321
BG00713214  Spare Parts 0.3 RESPIRATORY FILTER 7504774
BG00715454  Spare Parts FILTER ELEMENT 7507314
BG00728045  Spare Parts 3.2 HL510 D45 FLUSHING KIT 7509425 rock drill
BG00729292  Spare Parts 0.8 FILTER ELEMENT 7506943
BG00733106  Spare Parts 26.3501 DRIVE SHAFT 7505315
BG00733430  Spare Parts 0.001 GASKET 7510465 engine
BG00735897  Spare Parts FILTER 7510176 filter
BG00736562  Spare Parts 0.475 FILTER ELEMENT 7506583
BG00738281  Spare Parts COUPLING 7509217 driving medium
BG00738866  Spare Parts MAINTENANCE KIT 7507640
BG00741611  Spare Parts SENSOR 7508334
BG00742102  Spare Parts 7.4 MAINTENANCE KIT LH307 250H 7509244 Maintenance parts
BG00746656  Spare Parts 27 DRIVE SHAFT 7506782
BG00746658  Spare Parts 42.25 DRIVE SHAFT 7509136 driving medium
BG00753433  Spare Parts PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE 7508569 Hydraulic components
BG00767282  Spare Parts VALVE 7508914 Hydraulic components
BG00773131  Spare Parts 0 ROCK DRILL REPAIR KIT 7507773
BG00773480  Spare Parts 4.6 MAINTENANCE KIT 7507885
BG00774191  Spare Parts 0 MAINTENANCE KIT COMPRESSOR 500H 7509116 Maintenance parts
BG00774192  Spare Parts 2.52 MAINTENANCE KIT COMPRESSOR 1000H 7509117 Maintenance parts
BG00774231  Spare Parts 3.15 MAINTENANCE KIT COMPRESSOR 4000H 7509487 Maintenance parts
BG00774305  Spare Parts 0 MAINTENANCE KIT 7508259
BG00774315  Spare Parts 0 MAINTENANCE KIT 7507887
BG00775880  Spare Parts 0.15 MAINTENANCE KITDD321/421/DT922I 25 7509489 Maintenance parts
BG00780675  Spare Parts 0.715 JOYSTICK 7506313 Electrical components
BG00780957  Spare Parts 0.8 JOYSTICK 7506371 Electrical components
BG00787332  Spare Parts 5.65 PISTON 7507812 rock drill
BG00787343  Spare Parts 0 BEARING 7507815 rock drill
BG00787673  Spare Parts BEARING 7508471 rock drill
BG00788216  Spare Parts 407 GEARBOX 7508408 Scraper
BG00790831  Spare Parts 0 HOUSING,FLUSHING HEAD 7507804
BG00791171  Spare Parts 0 BEARING BUSHING 7508304
BG00792345  Spare Parts VALVE ASSEMBLY 7505473
BG00792504  Spare Parts 20 DRIVE SHAFT 7506783
BG00792505  Spare Parts 19 DRIVE SHAFT 7506785
BG00792508  Spare Parts TRANSMISSION SHAFT 7506774
BG00792510  Spare Parts 17.5061 DRIVE SHAFT 7506784
BG00800262  Spare Parts 6.91 HL820/HF820 D45 FLUSHING KIT 7509417 rock drill
BG00800728  Spare Parts 0 BUSHING 7508144
BG00800730  Spare Parts 0 BUSHING 7507726
BG00800865  Spare Parts 3.8 HLX5 D45 FLUSHING KIT 7506913
BG00800869  Spare Parts 0.35 HLX5 D45 FLUSHING SEAL KIT 7505012
BG00801502  Spare Parts 31 DRIVE SHAFT 7506694
BG00802133  Spare Parts 28.5 DRIVE SHAFT 7506786
BG00806017  Spare Parts 2.27 MAINTENANCE KIT COMPRESSOR 1000H 7509480 Maintenance parts
BG00806021  Spare Parts MAINTENANCE KIT COMPRESSOR 4000H Maintenance parts
BG00810261  Spare Parts 12.6 PROPELLER 7508266
BG00810827  Spare Parts 4.2 MAINTENANCE KIT WASHING HEAD RD52/5H 7506669
BG00821314  Spare Parts 0 WATER SEAL SEAT 7505010
BG00824129  Spare Parts 0 DRIVE SHAFT 7506796
BG00833767  Spare Parts FILTER CARTRIDGE 7506749
BG00835075  Spare Parts 6.4 MAINTENANCE KIT DIESEL 1000H 7509492 Maintenance parts
BG00835137  Spare Parts 6 MAINTENANCE KIT DIESEL 1000H 7509491 Maintenance parts
BG00835143  Spare Parts 4.95 MAINTENANCE KIT DIESEL 3000H 7509493 Maintenance parts
BG00836647  Spare Parts 34.9012 TRANSMISSION SHAFT 7508198
BG00836894  Spare Parts 160 CYLINDER, LIFT 7504932
BG00838933  Spare Parts MAINTENANCE KIT 7507630
BG00849344  Spare Parts SHIM 7507566
BG00859794  Spare Parts 0 DISTRIBUTOR 7507813 rock drill
BG00860002  Spare Parts SHARK SLEEVE 7505446
BG00861832  Spare Parts IDLER GEAR 7505445
BG00862068  Spare Parts BASE PLATE 7505447
BG00862174  Spare Parts 0 CYLINDER 7507806
BG00862580  Spare Parts MAINTENANCE KIT 7507641
BG00862582  Spare Parts MAINTENANCE KIT 7507642
BG00864462  Spare Parts BEARING HOUSING 7505449
BG00864488  Spare Parts COVER 7505443
BG00864962  Spare Parts 5.937 STARTER 7507020 engine
BG00864996  Spare Parts ALTERNATOR 7507019
BG00865320  Spare Parts ROTARY SHAFT 7505442
BG00870405  Spare Parts 133.21 CYLINDER, TILT 7504931
BG00871972  Spare Parts 0.02 STRAINER 7503611
BG00875646  Spare Parts COPPER SLEEVE 7506342 rock drill
BG00880254  Spare Parts FILTER CARTRIDGE 7506753
BG00880261  Spare Parts FILTER CARTRIDGE 7506751
BG00880480  Spare Parts FILTER CARTRIDGE 7506752
BG00897286  Spare Parts SCREW 7506210
BG00898701  Spare Parts 0.64 JOYSTICK 7508599 Scraper
BG00900624  Spare Parts 0 PARTS 7506512
BG00917477  Spare Parts 0 SET OF SEALS 7505338
BG00917593  Spare Parts 0 TRANSMISSION SHAFT 7508305
BG00917680  Spare Parts 0 SET OF SEALS 7505339
BG00920171  Spare Parts 0 SEAL 7507888
BG00920535  Spare Parts 0 HEAD ASSEMBLY 7507805
BG00923959  Spare Parts 0 BEARING ASSEMBLY 7507814 rock drill
BG00928016  Spare Parts 0 SEALING SEAT 7505424
BG00928256  Spare Parts REPAIR KIT 7505013
BG00928275  Spare Parts REPAIR KIT 7505014
BG00928285  Spare Parts 0.5 REPAIR KIT 7505011 rock drill
BG00928304  Spare Parts 2.3 ACCELERATOR PEDAL 7508311
BG00928425  Spare Parts 0.619 BOLT 7507890
BG00928740  Spare Parts 0 REPAIR KIT 7507323
BG00934992  Spare Parts RD52/RD525 YMU P1 ENDURANCE KIT 7508203
BG00941321  Spare Parts 5.8 RK, INPUT SHAFT AND FRONT COVER 7509457 变速箱
BG00941800  Spare Parts FLUSHING HEAD KIT rock drill
BG00942163  Spare Parts 3.44 RK, TRANSMISSION CASE AND COVER 7509456 变速箱
BG00949875  Spare Parts RD525/RD525 YMU P1 STABILIZER KIT 7508205
BG00955810  Spare Parts 2.58 SEAL, FACE 7503926
BG00970518  Spare Parts 72 PISTON PUMP Hydraulic components
BG00983660  Spare Parts MAINTENANCE KIT/25H 7504504
BG00983661  Spare Parts REPAIR KIT/5H 7504505
BG00983662  Spare Parts REPAIR KIT/1H 7504506
BG00983663  Spare Parts REPAIR KIT/15H 7504507
BG00983664  Spare Parts REPAIR KIT/5H 7504508
BG00986464  Spare Parts 0 SENSOR 7507800
BG00987382  Spare Parts MAINTENANCE KIT 7507635
BG00993442  Spare Parts 1.58 SEAL, FACE 7507488
BG01003333  Spare Parts BELT 7509276 Maintenance parts
BG01013785  Spare Parts 0 FILTER 7508288
BG01026539  Spare Parts 8.7 HYDRAULIC POWER UNIT 7510463 Hydraulic components
BG01041433  Spare Parts GEAR PUMP RB Hydraulic components
BG01041449  Spare Parts 4.91 GEAR PUMP 7508582 Hydraulic components
BG01042653  Spare Parts ROCK DRILL 7509114 rock drill
BG01048549  Spare Parts 2.8 ACCUMULATOR, DIAPHRAGM 7504383
BG01048662  Spare Parts 15 HYDRAULIC MOTOR, VANE 7506949
BG01048677  Spare Parts 17.5 HYDRAULIC MOTOR, VANE 7506581
BG01049272  Spare Parts TURBO 7508435 engine
BG01054120  Spare Parts 45 HYDRAULIC PUMP,AXIAL PISTON,DOUB 7509389 Hydraulic components
BG01070583  Spare Parts 0.001 O-ring 7509412 Sealing element
BG01085257  Spare Parts PLATE 724.52-1 7504355
BG01101460  Spare Parts SERVICE KIT 7508204
BG01124256  Spare Parts 0 DIRECTIONAL SPOOL VALVE *SEE TEXT* 7508235
BG01124739  Spare Parts 11.5 FAN 55532 7506521
BG01127113  Spare Parts BEARING ASSEMBLY 7508472 rock drill
BG01129537  Spare Parts REPAIR KIT 7507322
BG01130465  Spare Parts 0 MAINTENANCE KIT 7508303
BG01130566  Spare Parts REPAIR KIT 7507324
BG01139302  Spare Parts 0.181 BLADE, WIPER 7508498 pilothouse
BG01141165  Spare Parts 6.4 BRAKE VALVE ASSY 7508465 Hydraulic components
BG01144863  Spare Parts 4.4 MAINTENANCE KIT 7507886
BG01159603  Spare Parts FITTING KIT rock drill
BG01159604  Spare Parts FITTING KIT rock drill
BG01165673  Spare Parts FILTER CARTRIDGE 7507317
BG01165674  Spare Parts FILTER CARTRIDGE 7507316
BG01165675  Spare Parts SERVICE KIT 7510032 Maintenance parts
BG01165676  Spare Parts FILTER CARTRIDGE 7507315
BG01177687  Spare Parts 190.8209 CYLINDER 7508364
BG01194659  Spare Parts FITTING KIT FLUSHING HEAD D45 AIR 7509422 rock drill
BG01194661  Spare Parts 2.3 FITTING KIT BODY HL510/HL510S 7509423 rock drill
BG01194761  Spare Parts 0 REPAIR KIT 7507325
BG01207257  Spare Parts DRIVE WHEEL BG577236 7507154
BG01207454  Spare Parts 2.46 ROCKDRILL MOUNTING KIT HL510/HL510 7509426 rock drill
BG01241789  Spare Parts 6.2 MAINTENANCE KIT DIESEL 1000H 7509488 Maintenance parts
BG01241791  Spare Parts MAINTENANCE KIT DIESEL 3000H 7509239 Maintenance parts
BG01242204  Spare Parts SERVICE KIT 7510034 Maintenance parts
BG01242468  Spare Parts SERVICE KIT 7510035 Maintenance parts
BG01259766  Spare Parts 0.28 BUSHING 7509121 rock drill
BG01288059  Spare Parts VALVE 7508474 Hydraulic components
BG01290737  Spare Parts 0 WASHER 7507889
BG01303250  Spare Parts 0.02 SCREEN 7507043
BG01314978  Spare Parts 0.005 WIPER 7503913
BG01316966  Spare Parts O-RING 7504350
BG01319078  Spare Parts 3.045 VALVE ASSEMBLY Hydraulic components
BG01330747  Spare Parts MAINTENANCE KIT 7507636
BG01330748  Spare Parts MAINTENANCE KIT 7507639
BG01335399  Spare Parts 0.001 SHAFT SEAL 7507241 rock drill
BG01338414  Spare Parts 0 SHAFT SEAL 7507237
BG01341616  Spare Parts O-RING 7504351
BG01341936  Spare Parts O-RING 7504345
BG01349809  Spare Parts 10.5 SHAFT 7509215 Power head
BG01351350  Spare Parts TURBO 7508433 engine
BG01372565  Spare Parts 0.08 PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE 7503851
BG01401907  Spare Parts 32.4 7509263 Machined parts
BG01443044  Spare Parts 15 TURBOCHARGER 7509166 engine
BG01458551  Spare Parts 0 FILTER 7507205
BG01458995  Spare Parts 0.85 FILTER ELEMENT 7507637
BG01458996  Spare Parts ANTIFREEZE FILTER 7507201
BG01458997  Spare Parts 0.5 FILTER 7507203
BG01459001  Spare Parts 1.27 FILTER 7507202
BG01459012  Spare Parts 0.5 FILTER 7507204
BG01459287  Spare Parts 757.737 RC706 T45 ROD (1 3/4″) 7508506 rock drill
BG01460808  Spare Parts SERVICE KIT 7510033 Maintenance parts
BG01462251  Spare Parts 0.26 WIRE HARNESS 7508171
BG01476875  Spare Parts CARRIAGE BRACKET 7508430 Propulsion beam
BG01482721  Spare Parts H200 CRADDLE BOLTING SUPPORT 7508428 Propulsion beam
BG01490322  Spare Parts 400 TRANSMISSION 7508601 Scraper
BG01511948  Spare Parts 13.95 MOTOR 7509343 engine
BG01522685  Spare Parts 124.21 LIFTING CYLINDER 7504934
BG01522693  Spare Parts 0 STEERING CYLINDER 7504936
BG01529719  Spare Parts 1105.39 TRANSMISSION CASE ASSEMBLY 7506830
BG01546395  Spare Parts 6.4 BRAKE VALVE ASSY 7508467 Hydraulic components
BG01759443  Spare Parts NUT 7509275 Hardware
BH00010567  Spare Parts 1450 CHAIN RAIL ASSEMBLY WITH PLATE 7506180
BH00010570  Spare Parts 0.3 BOLT 7506201
BH00010571  Spare Parts 0.15 BOLT 7506206
BH00010572  Spare Parts 50 TRACK 7508142

Our company introduction:

Established in 2011, JUNTAI is a company dedicated to making and selling after-market spare parts for Sandvik and Epiroc mining engineering machineries. Its parent company, Jinjiang Wantai, was established in 1989, with a plant area of 10,000, and its products have passed the ISO9001:2015 quality system certification. Yunnan Wantai, a subsidiary of the parent company, is one of the largest companies selling drilling rigs in southwest China.

We are always in pursuit of “keeping the equipment working, reducing the cost of spare parts and providing them quickly”, and have more than 30 years’ experience in providing mining machinery spare parts, not only making and selling high-quality JUNTAI spare parts, but also offering OEM and original spare parts.

Adhering to the business philosophy of “quality first, customer first, integrity-based”, Juntai has won the trust of customers with high-quality, low-price products and perfect after-sales service. We look forward to working with you to win the future!


Our product range:

1.Rock Drill Spare Parts

Core part of drilling rig, let you be free from trouble back

We can provide Juntai or original rock drill parts. No matter what brand you choose, you don’t have to worry about the incompatibility between different brands, which means that the original productivity of rock drill could be maintained after maintenance.


2.Drilling feed spare parts

Low price and high quality

We are good at making polyurethane, aluminum and metal structural parts, and our production department could guarantee the quality of our products by strictly controlling the quality of raw materials and the tooling accuracy.


3.Undercarriage spare parts

Better wear-resistance and longer warranty

Chain rails, supporting wheels, guide wheels, gear rings and track plates are specially made for the rigs, and forging and casting are our main manufacturing processes.


4.Seal kit / Modification kit

Faster and convenient maintenance of equipment

We can determine the spare parts required for 400 to 1000 hours operation of your equipment with only one part number. All spare parts are made in strict accordance with the host machine standard.


5.OEM spare parts

Same quality with original

Juntai also can offers a wide range of high quality OEM products including cabin, hydraulic system and electrical cabinet accessories.

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