55195529 Spare Parts 4.3 SPROCKET WHEEL ASSY Other parts

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4.3 KG

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Here are some of our spare parts:


73700402 SCREW Hardware
73702407 SCREW 0.035 Hardware
73700422 SCREW Hardware
73700508 SCREW Hardware
73700510 SCREW Hardware
73700316 SCREW Hardware
73700405 SCREW Hardware
73700408 SCREW 0.055 Hardware
73700410 SCREW Hardware
73700412 SCREW Hardware
73700414 SCREW Hardware
73700416 SCREW Hardware
73700418 SCREW Hardware
73700424 SCREW Hardware
73700505 SCREW Hardware
73703122 SCREW 0.002 Hardware
73690108 NUT 0.005 Hardware
73690116 NUT Hardware
73690118 NUT Hardware
73690606 NUT 0.003 Hardware
73690612 NUT Hardware
73690618 NUT 0.04 Hardware
73690105 NUT Hardware
73690110 NUT Hardware
73690112 NUT Hardware
73690114 NUT Hardware
73690120 NUT Hardware
73690608 NUT Hardware
73690610 NUT 0.013 Hardware
73690616 NUT Hardware
73690124 NUT Hardware
73400190 CIRCLIP 0.035 Hardware
73732578 PIN 0.003 Hardware
73732050 PIN 0.005 Hardware
73730254 PIN 0.01 Hardware
73730313 PIN 0.02 Hardware
73390105 WASHER Hardware
73390106 WASHER Hardware
73390108 WASHER Hardware
73390112 WASHER Hardware
73390114 WASHER Hardware
73390116 WASHER Hardware
73390118 WASHER Hardware
73390120 WASHER Hardware
73390124 WASHER Hardware
73391307 WASHER 0.002 Hardware
73390004 WASHER Hardware
73390005 WASHER 0.006 Hardware
73390006 WASHER Hardware
73390008 WASHER Hardware
73390010 WASHER Hardware
73390012 WASHER Hardware
73390014 WASHER Hardware
73390016 WASHER Hardware
73390020 WASHER Hardware
73390024 WASHER Hardware
73391216 WASHER Hardware
73700709 SCREW Hardware
73702415 SCREW Hardware
3217382680 ROLLER 10.7 Chassis components
74201064 PUSH BUTTON 0.186 Electrical components
77015998 PUSH BUTTON 0.186 Electrical components
81301999 NIPPLE 0.3 Hardware
80033659 ADAPTER 0.227 Hardware
15255878 PIN 0.12 rock drill
BG00365730 SEAL KIT 1.4 rock drill
5580103393 DRIVELINE 12.9 driving medium
88025799 Joystick Electrical components
88025819 Joystick Electrical components
56001775 Pressure sensor 0.7 Electrical components
04790583 VALVE 0 Hydraulic components
56016247 VALVE 0.06 Hydraulic components
04600113 Pressure reducing valve 0 Hydraulic components
81828009 Switch 0.19 Electrical components
5580010493 SEAL KIT 0.3 Sealing element
6060012537 SEAL KIT 0.3 Sealing element
30378698 BODY ASSY rock drill
BG00767282 VALVE Hydraulic components
BG00302330 SENSOR 0.28 Scraper
64583930 FAN,SUCTION 32″DIA-522 3.4 Scraper
AF21010296 BEARING, DEEP GROOVE BALL 3.6 Scraper
56205332 SPARE PARTS KIT, TURBO 24 Scraper
04696524 INNER SPRING 0.05 Scraper
04696525 SPRING, ACCUMULATOR 0.05 Scraper
BG00243980 DISC Scraper
BG00422569 BEARING, BALL 1.53 Scraper
04694076 INNER SPRING 0.05 Scraper
04694051 SPRING, ACCUMULATOR 0.05 Scraper
56049719 BELT 0.28 Scraper
56205328 INJECTOR ASSY 1 Scraper
56049813 BELT PULLEY 1.2 Scraper
6060007268 RELAY 0.02 Scraper
04700003 TORQUE CONVERTER 136 Scraper
56034353 Scraper
BG00362670 Scraper
3222323036 Electrical components
69036408 STARTER 14.7 Electrical components
04521280 STARTER 14.7 Electrical components
3222325228 CONNECTING PIPE 7.7 潜孔钻机
04700655 CIRCLIP Scraper

About us:

Established in 2011, JUNTAI is a company dedicated to making and selling after-market spare parts for Sandvik and Epiroc mining engineering machineries. Its parent company, Jinjiang Wantai, was established in 1989, with a plant area of 10,000, and its products have passed the ISO9001:2015 quality system certification. Yunnan Wantai, a subsidiary of the parent company, is one of the largest companies selling drilling rigs in southwest China.


Our Clients:

Power Construction Corporation of China, China Energy Engineering Corporation Ltd. China Railway Construction Corporation Ltd. Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. Pangang Group Company Ltd. China Railway Tunnel Bureau Group Co., Ltd. China Wuyi Co., Ltd. CGC Overseas Construction Group Co., Ltd. Yunnan Phosphate Chemical Group Co., Ltd. Yunnan Tin Group Co., Ltd. Yunnan Copper Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. Yuxi Yukun Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Yunnan Hualian Zinc& Indium Stock Co., Ltd. China Anneng Construction Group Co., Ltd.



Why Choose JunTai Machinery:

1.Industrial Experience

With 30 years of experience in making and selling construction machinery, the company has built a great client base and excellent reputation throughout China, and sold products to many foreign countries and regions.


2.Quality Assurance

All of our products are subject to strict testing and real machine inspection to ensure that all sold products could work as along as the service lives warrantied by original manufacturers.


3.Fast Delivery

We have large-scaled spare part warehouses in Fujian and Yunnan with comprehensive stocks to ensure timely delivery.



What are the main products of your company?

Spare parts for Epiroc and Sandvik machine, spare parts for drilling rigs, drilling jumbo, scrapers, the kinds of spare parts include JUNTAI (self-produced products), substitution (made in China or import from abroad), OEM (original equipment manufacturer).


What to offer for inquiry?

Please provide part number and actual demand quantity for inquiry. If the description is different with the part number, the part number prevails.


How long does our price valid?

Price lists are only valid for 30 days, follow the principle of priority sales.


Does this price include the duty

All prices are exclusive of 13% VAT and other taxes or official duties.


What about the terms of payment

30% advance payment, full payment  before delivery.


What about the typically delivery time?

We have spare part stocks in our warehouses, which can be shipped on each working day. In case no ready products available at warehouses, we can prepare for delivery after receiving 30% deposit. After receiving the prepared products at warehouse, the shipment could be arranged on the closest business day immediately. The delivery may be ahead of schedule or delayed due to inventories of raw materials or the number of orders.

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