3128089300 Spare Parts 1.6 PROFILE Propulsion beam

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1.6 KG

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Here are some of our spare parts:


55034197 BUSHING / HL11 1.74 rock drill
86766699 SEAL KIT 0.01 rock drill
BR00067087 BELT 0 Other parts
55012164 BEARINGRB 0.27 Other parts
55160887 CHAIN 13 Other parts
55163433 COIL 0.338 Other parts
55163434 COIL 0.26 Other parts
55168382 BUSHING 5.494 Other parts
007598-001 ELBOW, .25 TUBE-.13 MPT 0.021 Other parts
018781-153 BOLT, S.H. 0.454 Other parts
019893-060 BEARING,ROLLERRB 0 Other parts
019893-064 PLATE, BACK-UP 4.373 Other parts
006558-001 VALVE,FLOWCTRL.75NPT/3PSI/ 0 Other parts
85061099 STUDRB 0 Other parts
04602113 HANDLE ASSY  RB 0 Other parts
56028552 TRANSMISSION SHAFT BG79255RB 0 Other parts
69-334-880-65 TANKASSY65L-1 0 Other parts
74011471 BULB 15W 28V MFL 0.6 Other parts
04700681 BEARING,RADIALBALL 0 Other parts
06574408 NUT, HEXAGON R/B AF146 RB 0.01 Other parts
04762163 O-RING RB 0.001 Other parts
06544588 HEXSOCKET-HEADSCREWRB 0 Other parts
08731305 BATTERY(WET)*SEET-TEXT* 0 Other parts
1872936 AIRCYLINDER 0 Other parts
56042760 INSULATION PIPE 0.055 Other parts
56042735 CONNECTING BAR 0.01 Other parts
56042754 CABLE 0.225 Other parts
29604209 FUEL HOSE 0.54 Other parts
56017759 FUEL HOSE 0.6 Other parts
29603300 HOSE, HYDRAULIC 0.5 Other parts
29603333 HOSE, HYDRAULIC 0.6 Other parts
56202233 HOSE 0.4 Other parts
BR00043390 FUELPRIMARYFILTERRB 0 Other parts
BR00044558 HOSE 0 Other parts
BR00037968 BELT 0.02 Other parts
55098817 SEALHOUSINGRB 0 Other parts
85076479 HOSE 0.31 Other parts
CP003075 SOLENOIDVALVE,24V,NO 0 Other parts
04900372 FILTERRB 0 Other parts
04900393 SEAL 0.002 Other parts
04900396 SEAL 0.003 Other parts
06532022 SCREW  AF5443  RB 0.025 Other parts
02778780 CLAMP 0.01 Other parts
04900374 CONE 0.002 Other parts
06530425 HEXAGONHEADBOLTAF1637RB 0 Other parts
06532013 HEXAGON SOCKET HEAD BOLT (HALF THRRB 0.027 Other parts
06532045 HEX SOCKET-HEAD SCREW RB 0.04 Other parts
06574407 NUT, HEXAGON R/B AF145 RB 0.004 Other parts
08003923 RACK, CABLE 1.1 Other parts
09350978CL TYRE 125 Other parts
00724170 GASKET 0.35 Other parts
00837680 GASKET 0.03 Other parts
04697533 TUBE 0.3 Other parts
04702524 SEAL 0.07 Other parts
56025958 PLAIN BEARING 0.06 Other parts
56025973 THRUST WASHER 0.076 Other parts
56041486 FLANGE 0.4 Other parts
04791237 O-RING 0.001 Other parts
04791240 O-RING 0.01 Other parts
04791269 SEAL RING 0.005 Other parts
04791271 O-RING 0.001 Other parts
04900209 SEAL KIT 0.1 Other parts
04900389 RUBBER BELLOWS 0.02 Other parts
04900632 CONTACT,FEMALE 0 Other parts
88258029 UNION  RB 0.127 Other parts
502309 TOP PART OF CONTROL LAMP 0.001 Other parts
55051592 CONTROLCARDRB 0 Other parts
55190847 OUTLETCONE 0 Other parts
55199491 SLIDING ROOF 13 Other parts
55205458 HOSEASSEMBLYRB 0 Other parts
55211671 COVER PLATE 2.09 Other parts
56006068 CONNECTOR 0.02 Other parts
BR00003439 LUBRICATOR,AIRLINE 0 Other parts
BR00016812 ROLLER 0 Other parts
BR00020930 VALVE,DIRECTION 0 Other parts
BR00039034 SEALKITFORGEARBOXINBR1133 0 Other parts
BR00039070 AIRCYLINDER 0 Other parts
BR00041288 SUPPORT 0 Other parts
BR00043611 VALVE,SOLENOID 0 Other parts
BR00048848 TOPSUB 0 Other parts
BR00050139 SHAFT 0 Other parts
BR00050142 OILSEALMOUNT 0 Other parts
BR00052904 PLATE 0 Other parts
BR00053022 ROTATIONADAPTER 0 Other parts
BR00053040 ADAPTERSTRAIGHT 0 Other parts
BR00062552 PIPEADAPTER 0 Other parts
BR00002389 SUCTIONCUP 0 Other parts
BR00012381 RELAY 0 Other parts
BR00012721 CHAIN 0 Other parts
BR00015781 GAUGE,TACHOMETER 0 Other parts
BR00015782 GAUGE,TEMPERATURE 0 Other parts
BR00015784 GAUGE,PRESSURE 0 Other parts
BR00016750 VALVE,BALL 0 Other parts
BR00020739 FUSE 0 Other parts
BR00020747 FUSE 0 Other parts
BR00020755 FUSE 0 Other parts
BR00020757 FUSE 0 Other parts
BR00039036 SEALKITFORMOTORINBR1133 0 Other parts
BR00039096 SEALKITFORBR136MOTOR 0 Other parts

About us:

Established in 2011, JUNTAI is a company dedicated to making and selling after-market spare parts for Sandvik and Epiroc mining engineering machineries. Its parent company, Jinjiang Wantai, was established in 1989, with a plant area of 10,000, and its products have passed the ISO9001:2015 quality system certification. Yunnan Wantai, a subsidiary of the parent company, is one of the largest companies selling drilling rigs in southwest China.


Our Clients:

Power Construction Corporation of China, China Energy Engineering Corporation Ltd. China Railway Construction Corporation Ltd. Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. Pangang Group Company Ltd. China Railway Tunnel Bureau Group Co., Ltd. China Wuyi Co., Ltd. CGC Overseas Construction Group Co., Ltd. Yunnan Phosphate Chemical Group Co., Ltd. Yunnan Tin Group Co., Ltd. Yunnan Copper Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. Yuxi Yukun Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Yunnan Hualian Zinc& Indium Stock Co., Ltd. China Anneng Construction Group Co., Ltd.



Why Choose JunTai Machinery:

1.Industrial Experience

With 30 years of experience in making and selling construction machinery, the company has built a great client base and excellent reputation throughout China, and sold products to many foreign countries and regions.


2.Quality Assurance

All of our products are subject to strict testing and real machine inspection to ensure that all sold products could work as along as the service lives warrantied by original manufacturers.


3.Fast Delivery

We have large-scaled spare part warehouses in Fujian and Yunnan with comprehensive stocks to ensure timely delivery.



What are the main products of your company?

Spare parts for Epiroc and Sandvik machine, spare parts for drilling rigs, drilling jumbo, scrapers, the kinds of spare parts include JUNTAI (self-produced products), substitution (made in China or import from abroad), OEM (original equipment manufacturer).


What to offer for inquiry?

Please provide part number and actual demand quantity for inquiry. If the description is different with the part number, the part number prevails.


How long does our price valid?

Price lists are only valid for 30 days, follow the principle of priority sales.


Does this price include the duty

All prices are exclusive of 13% VAT and other taxes or official duties.


What about the terms of payment

30% advance payment, full payment  before delivery.


What about the typically delivery time?

We have spare part stocks in our warehouses, which can be shipped on each working day. In case no ready products available at warehouses, we can prepare for delivery after receiving 30% deposit. After receiving the prepared products at warehouse, the shipment could be arranged on the closest business day immediately. The delivery may be ahead of schedule or delayed due to inventories of raw materials or the number of orders.

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