3115176500 Spare Parts 0.371 VALVE PISTON rock drill

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0.371 KG

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Here are some of our spare parts:


90004733 1632-102T51-613/813-45-31 drilling tool
90004245 1632-102T51-213/413/813-50-51 drilling tool
90004234 1431-115T51-714/816-50-41 drilling tool
90004521 1433-115T51-311/414/814-50-41 drilling tool
90004517 1533-115T51-613/814-50-41 drilling tool
90004682 1433-127T51-714/814-45-41 drilling tool
90004823 1432-115GT60-1012/914-50-31 drilling tool
90005211 1432-89T51-512/814-50-61 drilling tool
88058076 钎尾 右旋(阴螺纹) drilling tool
90005216 1431-45R32-39/610-50-61 drilling tool
90005202 1431-45R32-38/610-50-61 drilling tool
90007142 31-R32-44-150-23 drilling tool
88058093 24R39-T38/57-3760-23 drilling tool
90008553  23R46-T45-3660BW-23 drilling tool
90008134 2323R46-T45B-3660-23 drilling tool
88058110 drilling tool
88058109 drilling tool
88058088 24H35-R32/T38-5080-23 drilling tool
88058000 22H35-R32/T38-5080-23 drilling tool
88058108  1431-33R25-27/58-45-31 drilling tool
90008578 24R39-T38/57W-4270-23 drilling tool
90004510 1431-102T51-712/912-50-41 drilling tool
88058115 变径joint3-1/2”BECO-4-1/2”REG drilling tool
90004940 1431-76T38-411/712-50-51 drilling tool
88058024  102/40-R32导向扩孔钻头(合金3×10/12×13) drilling tool
90004025 1431-38R28-28/58-50-51 drilling tool
88058125 1441-89R32-113/1413-50-41 drilling tool
88058140 24R39-T38/57-4920-23 drilling tool
90004444 1432-64T38-311/612-50-41 drilling tool
56045210 SEAL KIT Sealing element
56042643 VALVE Hydraulic components
1250065632 SERVICE KIT Maintenance parts
1250065633 SERVICE KIT Maintenance parts
1250065634 SERVICE KIT Maintenance parts
1250065635 SERVICE KIT Maintenance parts
1250065636 SERVICE KIT Maintenance parts
1250065637 SERVICE KIT Maintenance parts
1250065638 SERVICE KIT Maintenance parts
4350266241 BASIC PART SET Power head
4350276011 BASIC PART SET Power head
508990 CHAIN without ground plates Chassis components
15029248 COVER 0.05 rock drill
15069388 SCREW LOCK rock drill
15534428 BUSHING 2.57 rock drill
71190812 BOLT 0.06 Hardware
55065270 SCREW KIT Hardware
80081139 HEXAGON HEAD BOLT Hardware
85871939 HEXAGON HEAD SCREW Hardware
80230929 HEXAGON HEAD SCREW Hardware
80880229 HEXAGON HEAD SCREW Hardware
44253570 HEXAGON HEAD SCREW Hardware
80052319 HEXAGON HEAD BOLT Hardware
80052859 HEXAGON HEAD BOLT Hardware
80046589 HEXAGON HEAD BOLT Hardware
80044719 HEXAGON HEAD SCREW Hardware
55048160 NUT, HEXAGON Hardware
80622139 NUT, LOCK Hardware
80091729 NUT, HEXAGON Hardware
80082019 NUT, HEXAGON Hardware
80082149 NUT, HEXAGON Hardware
55016042 WASHER, LOCK, DOUBLE Hardware
55013058 WASHER, LOCK, DOUBLE Hardware
55013059 WASHER, LOCK, DOUBLE Hardware
42115640 WASHER Hardware
33451335 WASHER Hardware
55044383 HEXAGON HEAD SCREW Hardware
55013063 WASHER, LOCK, DOUBLE Hardware
55065350 HEXAGON HEAD BOLT Hardware
55035820 NUT, HEXAGON Hardware
55051286 HEXAGON HEAD BOLT Hardware
55074058 HEXAGON HEAD BOLT Hardware
83778809 WASHER, PLAIN Hardware
55044377 NUT, LOCK Hardware
44576580 SCREW Hardware
85332459 SCREW Hardware
87124229 SCREW Hardware
20455178 BEARING BUSHING 0.2 Machined parts
78401306 SEAL KIT 0.11 Sealing element
70460698 GUIDE 3.2 Machined parts
70460775 GUIDE 3.5 Machined parts
70460649 GUIDE 3.7 Machined parts
81294959 NUT 0.04 Hardware
5535345000 FILTER 4 filter
5540087500 FILTER 1.9 filter
BG00404030 PIN 0.22 Power head
AF00100770 BOLT 0.066 Power head
BG00547637 SERVICE KIT 3.8 Power head
BG00547634 SEAL KIT 0.05 Power head
BG00561547 SEAL KIT 2.4 Power head
BG00542614 SERVICE KIT Power head
BG01165675 SERVICE KIT Maintenance parts
BG01460808 SERVICE KIT Maintenance parts
BG01242204 SERVICE KIT Maintenance parts
BG01242468 SERVICE KIT Maintenance parts
85852589 O-RING Sealing element
BG00617060 MOTOR,HYDRAULIC 4.4 Hydraulic components
08002284 CONTACT, MALE 0 Electrical components
56016142 CONNECTOR 0.06 Electrical components

About us:

Established in 2011, JUNTAI is a company dedicated to making and selling after-market spare parts for Sandvik and Epiroc mining engineering machineries. Its parent company, Jinjiang Wantai, was established in 1989, with a plant area of 10,000, and its products have passed the ISO9001:2015 quality system certification. Yunnan Wantai, a subsidiary of the parent company, is one of the largest companies selling drilling rigs in southwest China.


Our Clients:

Power Construction Corporation of China, China Energy Engineering Corporation Ltd. China Railway Construction Corporation Ltd. Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. Pangang Group Company Ltd. China Railway Tunnel Bureau Group Co., Ltd. China Wuyi Co., Ltd. CGC Overseas Construction Group Co., Ltd. Yunnan Phosphate Chemical Group Co., Ltd. Yunnan Tin Group Co., Ltd. Yunnan Copper Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. Yuxi Yukun Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Yunnan Hualian Zinc& Indium Stock Co., Ltd. China Anneng Construction Group Co., Ltd.



Why Choose JunTai Machinery:

1.Industrial Experience

With 30 years of experience in making and selling construction machinery, the company has built a great client base and excellent reputation throughout China, and sold products to many foreign countries and regions.


2.Quality Assurance

All of our products are subject to strict testing and real machine inspection to ensure that all sold products could work as along as the service lives warrantied by original manufacturers.


3.Fast Delivery

We have large-scaled spare part warehouses in Fujian and Yunnan with comprehensive stocks to ensure timely delivery.



What are the main products of your company?

Spare parts for Epiroc and Sandvik machine, spare parts for drilling rigs, drilling jumbo, scrapers, the kinds of spare parts include JUNTAI (self-produced products), substitution (made in China or import from abroad), OEM (original equipment manufacturer).


What to offer for inquiry?

Please provide part number and actual demand quantity for inquiry. If the description is different with the part number, the part number prevails.


How long does our price valid?

Price lists are only valid for 30 days, follow the principle of priority sales.


Does this price include the duty

All prices are exclusive of 13% VAT and other taxes or official duties.


What about the terms of payment

30% advance payment, full payment  before delivery.


What about the typically delivery time?

We have spare part stocks in our warehouses, which can be shipped on each working day. In case no ready products available at warehouses, we can prepare for delivery after receiving 30% deposit. After receiving the prepared products at warehouse, the shipment could be arranged on the closest business day immediately. The delivery may be ahead of schedule or delayed due to inventories of raw materials or the number of orders.

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